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  • Tim Steppich

13 Months - a Look in the Mirror

Today marks 13 months. 13 months in South America. 7 countries later and 2 new languages in my head, I start asking myself: Who was I before and who am I now? Who do I want to be and who do others think I am? How do I want to feel and how do I want to make others feel? What are my values? What are my priorities? And what do they mean?

The best thing about leaving for a long time is all this time that you're just thinking and reflecting. When I'm on busses for 15 hours, or for 4 days, all I have is thoughts. Those thoughts turn into ideas and then most likely, they change you.

Who am I? Am I "a German"? Or an Argentinian, German, Aussie, Mexican, Canadian, who is slowly becoming a bit Brazilian? Sounds stupid, and makes sense. What does that even mean when people say "you don't seem German". Is that a compliment? If yes, why?

After 13 months and with one more to go I feel like I'm a better person, I feel like I'm more myself and I feel like I'm going to be someone who helps others to be their best selves. I don't know how, but I will.

I picked up new passions like photography, reading and writing. I tried to take a critical look at myself and find out what's good about me and what's to improve. I find that I'm more honest with people and with myself and I realize how much people appreciate pure honesty.

I'm trying to stop judging people, no matter how good or bad they are - there is always a reason behind it. We're all good people, and thinking bad of another or putting people in a box is exactly what has lead them to be the way they are now.

I'm currently more fascinated by life and people than ever before. I feel like most things are happening for a reason and even though my life has been nothing but blessed so far, I feel like the best part is about to come.

Whatever you put your mind to, you'll achieve it. I don't know yet exactly what it is that I personally want to achieve, for myself and for those around me, but I'll figure it out and I'll do it!

Go ahead, take a look in the mirror!